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Co-Laboratories was formed after witnessing several promising biotech startups fail for non-technical reasons. We think it's incredibly frustrating when exciting ideas fail before lift-off! Too many potential biotechnology companies have crumbled at early stages due to lack of support - most commonly: affordable, appropriate infrastructure. We are looking to change the way scientists and the bio-curious can test ideas and get started in biotechnology. Access to reasonable lab space has been restrictive and stifled innovation, so we aim to be open and innovative, a forum for new growth and collaboration. We will achieve this through building and developing new biotechnology incubator laboratories both privately and in partnership with other institutions.


There has been amazing growth in the sector in recent years, however as shown by the recent report commissioned by MedCity, we have a long way to go in addressing the rising demand. In the USA, particularly the west and east coasts, the need for a pipeline approach has been recognised for a long time. There is now a rapidly growing community working to service the pre-seed to series A space - yet all incubators are still oversubscribed! Lab Launch is a company that has successfully done this in LA for 7 years, proving that a fully independent incubator is a great model. Due to their strong track record and tried and tested methods, we will be partnering with them to bring this flexible incubator model to the UK.

Camden has been chosen as the first co-lab (co-working lab) run location due to our local contacts and support from the London Borough of Camden Council. Our next intended site is Cambridge, for which we are currently in the negotiation phase. Reports demonstrate that Cambridge is also suffering from rent hikes and lack of Biological wet lab space, giving a strong rationale for bringing our model to the city. We are open to proposals at other locations and are looking forwards to partnering with institutions; some future projects will be announced later this year.



Laura Brightman

Laura has been involved with 3 early-stage startups, including taking one she co-founded to IndieBio. Her experience coordinating events and conferences throughout her career, along with multiple lab build outs, make her the ideal person to lead Co-Laboratories.

Llewellyn Cox

CEO Lab Launch​. Started Mars Bio fund, Adjunct Professor USC Keck School of Medicine, Board Member Biotech Connection. ​Successfully took LL from non-profit to for profit.​

Marie Rippen

COO Lab Launch​. Facilities expert, generated crucial LL infrastructure and SOPs. Founded the Biotechnology Entrepreneurship​

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